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Passion, creativity, liberty, curiosity, and responsibility are the main concepts with which in 2008, I created De La Vega Arquitectura & Diseño; which, to this day, they continue being the values that have let us grown. DE LA VEGA ARQUITECTURA & DISEÑO y a la fecha son estos mismos preceptos los que nos han hecho crecer.
I have always had the need to create spaces in which pleasurable experiences and human qualities are highlighted, and for this reason, I created this company. For me, it is a space where my team and I, which is composed of people from different backgrounds and different contexts, can play around, explore, and investigate architecture with freedom to create unique and valuable experiences with each and every one of our projects. To us, architecture is not only a job, but our lifestyle. It is a way to see the world, and our means to transform and create spaces capable of offering better quality of life for clients. Our goal is to maintain symmetry and functionality in design, in order to reflect the great taste of our clients, as well as adapt their demands, needs and expectations. We strongly believe that the human being is the central piece that completes our architectural work; as the great architect Tadao Ando says, "architecture is only considered to be complete with the intervention of the human being that experiences it".

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