Creating Experiences through Architecture and Design


We are a multidisciplinary architecture and design firm based in Puebla, Mexico. With more than 14 years of experience.

For us, architecture is not only our profession but a way of life, a way of seeing the world. We seek in each project to provide spaces that contribute to improve our environment and the quality of life of those who use them, spaces with great design, symmetry and functionality that reflect the tastes of our clients and meet their needs.

Arq. Francisco J De La Vega Aramburo


We firmly believe that the human being is the centerpiece of architecture, as the great architect Tadao Ando said, "Architecture is only considered complete with the intervention of the human being who experiences it"

De La Vega Architecture Team


We are a team of young architects who seek excellence in design, for us each project is unique. We design in detail each space, each element that conforms it.


La creatividad es el motor que anima todos los proyectos, la idea de provocar miradas hacia objetos y espacios nuevos y reinventados, satisfacer la demanda del cliente desde otra perspectiva y re valorar el significado del entorno es parte de nuestra forma de trabajo.
By completing projects and creating spaces where the architectural design and its functionality are the main concern and motivation for our users, we impulse and promote a better world to live and coexist.
La plusvalía de la firma se encuentra en las experiencias creadas para el usuario a través del diseño y la arquitectura.
It is our commitment that all the needs from my clients are totally met, keeping honesty as one of the most important values and trying our best to integrate social awareness by using Mexican embroideries from local communities mixed with International and national companies for each of our projects.



In each of our projects, we interpret the needs of our clients by keeping in mind their aspirations and requirements. An architectural project is defined as the graphic representation through specific tools, such as planes, sketches, perspective drawings, digital renders and images where our ideas are shown creatively, providing a clear perspective of the work that is going to be done and to achieve a model of the experience we aspire to develop.


This section is marked by the development of the architectural tools that we need to consider for engineering installations, as well as to calculate a budget for each stage of construction.


This is a key part of every architectural project because it is essential in order to achieve a global experience for the user. The goal is for the interior design to reflect the personality and traits of the user through our architectural interpretation, as well as the creation of an specific atmosphere that emerges from the mixture of the aesthetic components and functionality of the spaces. We aspire to create an environment that identifies with a way of life and fits accordingly to the budget and taste of each of our clients.
La creación de ambientes interiores surge de una mezcla de conocimientos estéticos y la funcionalidad de los espacios. Se propone un entorno que se identifique con un estilo de vida y que vaya acorde con el presupuesto y gusto de cada usuario.


When the need to modify an existing space arises, the aim is to exploit the aesthetic and functional potential through architectural improvements that arise from professional creativity. We offer a series of ideas that lead to a renewed architectural project.


The workshop offers unique designs of furniture, which are inspired and made for the projects, in a handcrafted process which sometimes integrates the work of local communities, ensuring the result of unique meaningful pieces that fusion with the space creating a unique atmosphere.


When looking for interior integration, it is crucial the correct composition of the project, for what we offer advice in the acquisition of ornamental objects, ensuring the perfect harmony between the space and its complements.


Art is the best complement for architecture, each piece reflects an expression in the space it occupies for what it is a great investment. The workshop offers a show room with some art pieces, such as it offers professional advisory in the acquisition for the perfect art piece for your space, either to make collections or to do business through them.
El taller, además de contar con un showroom con algunas piezas artísticas, cuenta con la asesoría profesional para elegir correctamente la pieza, hacer colecciones, vender o adquirir obras de arte.


Architecture is an expression of values

Norman Foster


Creating Experiences through Architecture and Design